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Sugar Glider Houdini

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Sugar Glider Houdini Empty Sugar Glider Houdini

Post by Admin/arthur Fri Jan 11, 2013 7:34 am

Houdini is a very tame sugar glider that loves his meal worms. I hand feed him through the cage bars and also outside of the cage. He knows the difference between a mealie and my finger. He smells around my finger looking for his treat instead of biting me for more treat. He kind of jumps at finger once but quickly realizes it is not a treat but daddy's hand. Sugar gliders can nip you through the cage bars or when you first put your hand in the cage. Some more than others, the key is to lovingly teach them not to bite or nip hard unless it is a communication that they want a treat or a drink. It takes time and repetition, and patience but is well worth it for human and glider. Sugar Gliders don't nip more or any less if you first feed treats through the cage bars. They are more apt to come to you with the protection of the cage first then go on to feed a treat when cage door is open at night. This video was shot just before his dinner and he was watching us make and prepare his food at night. I have two young sugar gliders that I have never fed treats from my hands and they come up to my fingers and give a nip through the bars, so they can nip or not nip whether you hand feed them through cage bars or only feed treats when the cage door is open. It may be a little of the terrible two's with the babies.
Pin Head is a good example of feeding treats(bugs) through cage bars in public caused him to be nippy but only in public. We believe it is because kids and adults would jump and drop, pull back from feeding the treat. He got grabby as if he had to get treat fast or he would loose the bug. He would be fed multiple times a day in public with several failed attempts as humans were scared of being nipped or bit. We would often have to tell people to hold bug still and don't be afraid. I believe this in turn made Pin more grabby with people. But the same guy that was treat grabby was happy with chirps and clicks when kids grabbed him from above after we gave a talk on sugar gliders.
Pin has since stopped being nippy toward fingers here at home and he smells my fingers as well and looking for hand fed treats.

What we like to do when feeding treats is after the first treat we always have a second, then a third treat ready and right next to their mouth. This way they don't have to jump or grab for the next couple of treats.

Sugar Glider Houdini Th_houdiniandtiny12-24-12x-maseve

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