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Extreme cold preperation

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Extreme cold preperation Empty Extreme cold preperation

Post by alicia.humphrey1 Tue Jan 11, 2011 10:57 pm

It is extremely important to be prepared for power outages.
As hard as this is for me to write I know it will help save someone else's babies and that is my goal....
In December of 2010 myself and my husband had to leave home
(for a little over a 24 hour trip) we had prepared as much as we thought
we needed to! My mother came in several times during
the 24 hour period to check on my glider's she came in at 5 a.m
before work she thought it was a little cool so she turned
on an extra electric heater made sure again (after coming late the night before)
everyone had food and water and she left out for work. Sometime after
she left the "extra" heater proved to be too much and tripped a breaker leaving the house
with no heat and it was about 20 degrees outside & by the time I
got home it was the same temp inside my home as it was
outside.Now for glider's in the wild these temps are more acceptable but our captive bred glider's have
never been subjected to these kind's of temp's and as was proved in my home these temp's are not
acceptable for our glider's for such long period's of time! I arrived home at about 9 p.m that night to
find the most terrifying sight I could have ever imagined. I lost 8 member's of my family!
All because of a silly breaker tripping. It is something most
people and even myself did not even think about until it was too late. The terror and heart ache that
I was and am still filled with is a feeling that I hope this article will prevent someone else from feeling.
We think of our glider's as our children so let's be prepared so no more children have to be lost!

Be prepared for power outages.
1) cage covers that cover atleast 3 sides
2) hand warmers (covered so they cant be chewed)
3) Double lined pouches (if you do not have double lined pouches then put one pouch inside another)
4) Extra blankies
5) bonding pouches against your body
6) If you will be gone over night plan for someone to stay with your glider's
at all times
7) If not possible to have someone stay then have a place to take your glider's
Cool Have a generator if possible (make sure the generator is NOT inside the home)
9) If using a propane or Kerosene heater make sure it is NOT in the same room with your glider's
10) Make sure they have FULL access to food and water
If anyone has any further question's feel free to contact me at any time!
Written by: Alicia Humphrey (CarolinaSuggies)

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Extreme cold preperation Empty Re: Extreme cold preperation

Post by mzazu Sun Oct 02, 2011 12:49 am

My gliders live outside in a large aviary (I live in Australia).
Here in Australia, pretty much all glider owners keep their Suggies outside and they are fine. Maybe it is a different case in the USA, as your gliders are slightly different to ours.

Maya Very Happy


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