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Post by LSardou on Fri Jan 21, 2011 12:20 am

My two Sugar Gliders are fortunate to have a room all to their selves. It is fully equipt with everything a Sugar Glider could want.
Even though they have their own room, I do however, spend 2 or more hours with them in the evening in a tent. This allows them to have the opportunity to be close to me without so many other distractions.

During the day, I get them up around 3, check them over to make sure they are alright, give them a little treat and they go into my bra until around 8pm. After Tent Time, they Love to ride on my shoulder while I do little odds and ends along with helping me get their dinner tray ready.

I feel that the more time one can spend with them, the more trusting they become with you. Time, patience, and understanding is the key towards gaining their trust.


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