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First sugar glider Suggie

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First sugar glider Suggie Empty First sugar glider Suggie

Post by Admin/arthur Wed Jan 26, 2011 1:48 pm

This is the story of my bonding experience with my first sugar glider. Her name is Sugie. We bought her from a reptile breeder in the year 2000 and she and her sister was living in a ten gallon aquarium. Her parents were also living in a ten gallon aquarium. We got her home and set up an aquarium like she was living in and was told to feed her cat food and/or ferret food. It just didn’t seem to make any sense it’s not a cat or a ferret. So we started doing research and bought books and went to library and asked pet stores, some questions. The response was what is it or we don’t know never saw one before. We kind of used a loose diet of time with a few changes please see diet http://diet. The bonding practice at that time was put in pouch and hang around neck, we bought a pouch and the carry pouch at that time was so small the sugar glider barely fit in it. I had Paulette make me a larger pouch so I could have my hand in it later on as my sugar gliders were taming. . I tried to put her in the pouch but all she did was crab, lunge and bite(she drew blood several times). I talked to my father and he said it was scared and I said I know but what could we do. He again mentioned about how when he was carrying mail and had aggressive type dogs on his route how he would make friends with them. Dad would walk up to strange dogs and offer his hand out(back of hand and/or back of fist, as it would be harder to get a severe bite),for them to smell and talk to them Thank god and rest dad’s soul that he never got a dog bite! So I started a slow process of offering my hand very slowly to Sugie and then leaving her alone. I did this for three to five times a day until her crabbing behavior stopped or the intensity changed as she recognized my smell and voice. After doing this for quite some time I would try and pet her briefly and eventually put hand under her and tried to pick her up. She resisted at first but time and patience won her over and I still remember the joy as the first time she climbed on my hand as I held it out to her. We gradually got her a bigger cage and then bigger and then huge cage as she is in a 4 by 4 by 7ft tall cage and she loves it. We got two males from the same person and then we had four gliders two female and two males. We kept them separated as we bonded to two of them closer than the other two and finally when sugie was old enough we let everybody loose in a glider room which had plants, large boat type ropes that went from corner two corner of the room. Well needless to say Sugie and Chip was instant love, they always stayed near each other as they played and as they checked in on us and talked to us near our ears. One day as we had them all out running and playing Sugie and Chip disappeared from playing area. We frantically looked for them and could not find them. At this time we still separated boys from girls. I said I wonder and as we looked in the cage there were two pairs of eyes looking back as to say we made our choice, is that ok with you? Of course it was ok and NEW AGE PETS was born. When she was carrying her babies in the pouch we still played and held her and chip. Once the babies were out of pouch(oop) we held her and chip and the babies right from first day oop, she actually took a baby away from Paulette and brought the baby to me and made a noise and dropped the baby off in my hands and went back to exploring the room, playing, rope climbing or running. If the babies cried she would come and check on them and look at me and then run off again. The look she gave me one time was that she was upset so we started handling moms, dads, and babies together as long as they were comfortable with us. She has never killed any of her babies in six years, she also is my dominant sqwaggle dancer and gets me as I go in at night. She also danced on her male Chip after we re-united her to give her a break from breeding. She also was very depressed and upset that we separated them so after that we didn’t ever make them be a part from each other.

There were two st. bernards on his route that when he was on vacation the mail carriers would not deliver their mail(this goes back to hand walked mail deliver at the door-he retired in 1969). Said ok we will try this approach it can’t be any worse. At the time for couple of weeks she stayed in aquarium(until we learned better), I would talk quietly and eventually tried to put hand in to smell. I was in there at least five times a day and arm got sore laying it on the side of aquarium and waiting for her to come over and smell me as I woke Sugie up. To make this story short please see training /bonding.http://training/bonding You should of seen our jubilation as one day when Paulette came home as I was in aquarium and sugie for first time climbed up my arm! After a while (week) of her always climbing on my arm, we tried picking her up and she would sit on my hand and after a while she would jump off. Then we started to take her out of her living quarters(by this time we had cage 12 by 16 by 24in. tall) (also we got another female sugie’s sister and two males) and let her crawl on us and interact, if she jumped off I always put her back on me and started walking around etc. Then one day we let all four gliders out and they picked their own mates as they went back in their cages with their picks. Sugie’s cagehttp://cage is the big wooden 4 by 4 by 7 ft dimensions. The point to this bonding/taming story is there are very different ways of handling/playing with sugar glider back a few years ago compared to bonding/taming gliders now. Some are very tame when they go to their new families and take up with us very quickly and others can be stubborn until you find the key or correct approach that they respond to. Any pet you purchase or breed should be fun and exciting. You have to enjoy what you are doing and sugar gliders are great pets for certain people, especially animal lovers. We get so attached to them that they are a big part of our family and treated like little family members. Remember to enjoy your baby, have fun with them, and be calm around them.
They are very curious pets and some love to watch everything that goes on around them, some love to sit on me and watch, some grunt crab, some groom, and some nip from time to time. You just have to accept and love them for themselves.
Written By:
Arthur Gibbons
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