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How we pick fruit and veggies.

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How we pick fruit and veggies. Empty How we pick fruit and veggies.

Post by Admin/arthur Wed Feb 23, 2011 6:13 pm

The following diet info is how we feed our sugar gliders. There are a lot of various diets out there for gliders but this is what we feed at the moment and how we feed it. We like to use as much fresh fruit and vegetables as possible, we do use frozen mix veggies. We use a four part diet(we use to use a dry food occasionally, but now use an almond for crunchy snacks). We use insects, cooked chicken or turkey as the protein part, with fruit, vegetables, and a liquid mixture we are going to call it Glider Ice Cream. The key to fruits and vegetables is a lot of variety. I try to use various fruits that are from different categories. Such as berries, melons, citrus, peach-plum category. Also use exotic fruits as a different group. Just like the vegetables, you have leafy, green vegs, starch(corn in moderation), acidic, peppers, and such. We also found out that suggies like to eat what is in season, I guess because it is the sweetest and most fruits have to be at the peak of ripeness. If the fruit skin is edible we leave it on so they can hold onto it. Oranges and Kiwi are an exception. The sugar glider eats the flesh of the fruit down to the skin or peel. We cut the pieces up into bite size chunks so babies and adults can hold it in their hands. We sometimes vary the size of the fruit or vegetable pieces, a little bit bigger at times. We usually cut into ½ by about ½ in pieces. The babies when first start weaning will eat out of parents mouths or as the parents hold the food the babies lick the fruit and eat with the parents.

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