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Video of Buddy the sugar glider

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Video of Buddy the sugar glider Empty Video of Buddy the sugar glider

Post by Admin/arthur on Fri Sep 16, 2011 10:24 am

Two videos of a sugar glider named Buddy. The first one is him being taken out of his sleeping pouch and I let him crawl into a Pocket pouch that has a pouch sewed into a T-shirt. I give him a couple of treats and his scent blankets that has his smell on them. You want the sugar glider(s) to feel safe and secure and the pouch to be big enough that they can stretch out or curl up. They want to be in the carry pouch and not forced to stay in it, so by giving a scent blanket that has his scent on it and that he/she normally sleeps with makes the carry pouch or T-shirt pouch smell more like his nest. A treat also helps them to relax.

Video of Buddy the sugar glider Th_Buddy9-9-11

The second video is after we got home from shopping and the suggie had been with me all day in shirt pocket. It also was after dark and we washed his sleeping pouch as I carried him in the pocket. He goes in the clean pouch but hesitates and comes back up. I put his scent blankets that I had with us and he pulls them into his pouch. It is so cute.

Video of Buddy the sugar glider Th_Buddy9-9-11daysend

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