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Sugar Glider moms and babies videos.

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Sugar Glider moms and babies videos. Empty Sugar Glider moms and babies videos.

Post by Admin/arthur Mon Mar 19, 2012 8:53 am

I have observed some behaviors that sugar glider parents do when they feel un-comfortable or insecure in their environment. There are a few suggestions that we humans can do to help sugar glider first time moms and dads feel secure and comfortable while raising their babies.
Signs of being stressed or not being happy in their cage:
1) Cage size can affect sugar gliders and carrying babies around on their back aimlessly walking and looking like they have no where to go with the babies.
2) When they circle or just continue carrying babies around the cage(babies under mom or on moms back) and don't stop but are in constant movement and don't respond to your voice, treat container noise, or any out of the cage noise. Especially if they have responded to the voice, treat, or your presence outside of cage. It is a change in normal behavior or acting different just because babies are on mom.
2a) If you have multiple sleeping areas in cage: I have observed the mom taking babies to the other nests in the cage, BUT it was a deliberate and direct carrying of two babies to the new nest and the grandmother stayed with the babies after mom(Butters) "parked" them. There was no wandering around the cage aimlessly and she knew where Miss Butters wanted to take the babies to and what nest. She moved them about every three days at first to get them use to the various sleeping areas, then they settled in one nest to raise the babies. They never carried them unless it was a move. So if you have only one sleeping area, mine never carry the babies around in their home(cage).
So the carrying can and could be an early warning sign that the sugar gliders aren't comfortable in their home environment.
3) Baby making a sucking noise while in sleeping pouch or nest box. Even if both parents are with the babies. It means the baby can't find the teat or that it can't get into moms pouch as it may have closed up. You may have to assist the baby by helping it to get it's head in moms pouch.
4) Changing out nesting area or a total cage cleaning and not leaving scent for the parents can cause stress.
5) The sugar glider mom that doesn't want to leave the babies to go out and eat and/or the dad not helping in baby sitting. You may have to give mom food in the nesting area to help her feel secure and trusting to leave the babies. Something may have happened outside cage or inside to make her not feel secure about their environment. If she did leave joeys and now doesn't look at what happened and avoid doing what caused her stress. Make sure you leave scent if you have changed a nesting area. If you did just put a clean pouch in and observe baby carrying, or not leaving nest then definitely add glider scent to the area and see if she acts more relaxed and comfortable.
6) A sugar glider parent that has left babies in nest and that come running when you approach are not sure and are protecting or curious of your intentions. This may happen if you take the joey and it distress calls for the parents. Try to eliminate any baby crying so it doesn't upset the parents.
7) Parents that ignore a joey crying while you handle it are NOT good parents. Any good parent would investigate why the joey is calling out for them. So ignoring a cry could be an early sign, and is better not to scare the baby while handling it. Keep everybody calm and positive experiences with joey and parents. Most of my babies never had a need to cry for the parents, even in the nest they never cried for parents. Had one pair that had pouch closed and dropped baby on feed station(after I woke up in morning) as if asking for help. Once I helped baby get head in pouch I didn't see baby until it came out on it's own. . I also usually never hear them Chew, chew the babies off of teat unless I was late delivering treats in morning or when I held one of my moms and babies. She made noise and baby dropped off like a ripe piece of fruit, I caught it before it hit the floor.
If you handle the baby with a sugar glider scent blanket hopefully the baby will not cry or sqwack for the parents, also that they don't skunk you because it is a scared defensive mechanism and is trying to scare you away.
Cool Keep the nesting area at same height or box in same location. The trees out in the wild don't change location and the nest they pick(if you use multiple ones at first) is because they feel safe and secure in it. I have seen them push blankets around and make a recliner like blanket shape for mom to lay on when nursing babies. They fix their bed for how they want to sleep in and raise babies in. Also have seen them weave a nest out of straw in a box. We were trying different nesting material(I wouldn't use wild straw as it may have chemicals on it). I have one pair that is so particular that when I take them and blankets out for daddy time, that when I put their pouch back in cage that mom stays at top of pouch and you can see the movements in pouch of dad fixing the blankets as the sleeping pouch is pushed and buldged out from one side to the other. If you do move the location of pouch and mom or dad go to the origional spot that the pouch was at and look like they are looking for their nest. They may even look stressed a little, I would highly reccommend that you replace the box or pouch to where they are looking for it at. This could be early sign that they want everything to stay the same for them to be safe and to raise babies successfully. It isn't worth the risk if the sugar glider shows you through behaviors and or sounds that a change you made(even if a minor one to us) causes them stress.

The first video is of Kay Kay with babies in the pouch. I am NOT trying to pop the joeys out to get a look at them but am showing how you would GENTLY open a moms pouch to help the baby get his/her head back in a closed up pouch. I hdon't know why a moms pouch can be closed but have a theory on it that stress or not being secure in their environment maybe a contributing factor. I have had this happen three times and with different moms and all raised healthy babies after we helped the mom and baby sugar glider. There could be risks if you try this and it is a true joey rejection.

Sugar Glider moms and babies videos. Th_kaykayon02-28-07

The second video is of Kay Kay when babies were oop(out of pouch). I help her be comfortable by putting my hand over her head as she doesn't really like any daytime lighting. She was content in me handling her and babies and feeding her a treat helped but wasn't needed for her to be relaxed me. She also would move my fingers around in the t-shirt pocket pouch to cover her babies and so she could clean her pouch. She would nudge my fingers so they covered her babies. She would lightly grab my finger with her teeth to get me to move my finger(s) into place to protect while covering just oop babies.
Videos were done in 2007 January.

Sugar Glider moms and babies videos. Th_kaykaywithbabieson03-06-07

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