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Bourbon's Modified Leadbeaters "BML"

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Bourbon's Modified Leadbeaters "BML"  Empty Bourbon's Modified Leadbeaters "BML"

Post by Arrietty's Mom Thu Mar 22, 2012 9:53 pm

This is the feeding plan she is on now. The vegetables and fruits I use are frozen mixed vegetables and frozen mixed fruits. I have not given her any insects yet.

The Basic BML Mixture
to be used with the entire BML plan as explained below

1/2 cup Honey, do not use honeycomb, raw or unfiltered honey, Most store bought Honey is the one to use unless it uses one of the three words above

1 Egg (boiled or scrambled)(I Hard Boil Mine)
The shell is OPTIONAL, if your blender does NOT break the shell down into miniscule pieces do not use it.I break the egg down before putting it into the blender

1/4 cup of Apple Juice, just the good ole apple juice that you and I would drink, Not frozen, not baby juice, just regular bottle apple juice.

Blend well, Turn off blender, add the next group of ingredients.

1 4oz bottle PREMIXED Gerber juice with yogurt (Mixed Fruit or Banana)

both have yogurt mixed in, the fluid is creamy colored. For those that can not find this, you may substitute 2 oz of plain yogurt and 2 oz of mixed fruit juice

1 Teaspoon of Rep-Cal HERPTIVITE vitamin suppliment ,
Blue label on a white plastic container, DO NOT SUBSTITUTE this suppliment.
(My petstore ordered it for me)

Blend well again, Turn off Blender , add next group of ingredients.

2 teaspoons Rep-Cal Calcium Suppliment non-phosphorus with Vit. D3 in it.

Pink label on a white plastic container (my petstore ordered it for me)

2 2 1/2 oz jar of Stage 1 or 2 Heinz, Gerber or Beechnut Chicken baby food

The chicken will say either Chicken with Chicken Gravy or Chicken with Chicken Broth either is acceptable

1/4 cup Wheat Germ

1/2 cup dry baby cereal.. Heinz or Gerber (Mixed or Oatmeal)
(I use rice with fruit bits)

Blend well , turn off blender, It should be the pour into tupperware bowl, or ice cube trays and FREEZE, 1 cube in ice cube tray is approx. 2 tablespoons. It will freeze to the consistancy of ice cream.
This will feed 1 glider for approximately 1 month.

Do NOT mix the fruits and veggies in before freezing.
There are several ways to feed the BML plan. The one thing that is consistant, is that, it is designed to be fed with fruits, veggies, and insects.
The rule of thumb per glider is..
1 Tablespoon of the BML basic mix,
1 Tablespoon of fruits,
1 Tablespoon of veggies

Right now she just "plays" with her fruits and veggies, she eats a bit but not much. She loves the ice cube mixture. She has not had an exam or fecal exam done by my vet yet.

I thought maybe she was getting more "feisty" since she has been eating better. The breeder was just giving her yogurt and cottage cheese. She was really stinky when my niece picked her up for me but the smell has now gone away.

Arrietty's Mom

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