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Post by Admin/arthur Sat Oct 09, 2010 9:14 am

We have always had a dream that every glider owner could have a sugar glider that they could hold(for a short time) or at least pick up and handle without getting bit or scaring the baby or adult suggie. We hope that anybody that has a love for gliders gets the bond that they want whether it is to just sit in a room with them and watch them play or if it is to have a companion pet that can go with you out in public, in a secured pouch or pocket. Some even carry a sugar glider in their bra. This is the goal of this board, for you as a new or experienced glider owner. To come and share how you bonded or to help you get the bond you would like with your baby sugar glider. There is no gaurantee that this can be accomplished without alot of time, patience and understanding on the humans part. In sharing your experience and for new owners we ask that you be specific in what you did and also very important how you feel as you have bonded or when you are going through the bonding process. Saying how you feel, how you approached the cage, what you were thinking may help other persons that are going through the same feelings, or getting nipped or bit. We also want to give possible explanations for WHY you are getting bit, nipped, grooming behavior so it can help you understand our gliders behaviors and sounds that suggies make. Thank You for joining us.

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