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Fruit List.

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Fruit List. Empty Fruit List.

Post by Admin/arthur on Mon Feb 21, 2011 9:59 am

A list of fruits and a few other foods we feed our sugar gliders.
Fruit List:
Apples--Rarely feed
Apricot--When in Season
Asian Pears--In Season, rarely
Blackberries--Don’t like them(suggies) but use in smoothie.
Blueberries--Sometimes will eat them, also use in smoothie.
Cantaloupe--Will eat.
Cactus Pears--Are seasonal and love them.
Cherimoya--Once a year.
Cherries--Black will eat but love the seasonal, but like the multi color ones.
Grapes--Red and black are best, sometimes will eat green. Some controversy over whether they can cause RENAL failure in animals such as dogs and skunks.
Fresh Figs--Will eat and like them but they have to be very ripe and soft, almost sicky sweet before my babies will eat them.
Honeydew melon--Eat it.
Orange flesh honeydew--They prefer this type over reg. Honeydew but is a seasonal fruit.
Guava--Will eat but must be very smelly and at pick of ripeness.
Green Kiwi--Will eat and used in smoothies.
Yellow Kiwi--Seasonal and preferred by my babies over the green ones.
Kumquat--Sometimes eatable.
Mango--Will eat certain variety over other types.
Mamey Sapote--Will eat if sweet and fresh.
Nectarines-Sometimes will eat and use in smoothies.
Oranges--Mine prefer blood, or red navels but will eat tangerines, or reg. navel oranges.
Peaches-Sometimes but also in season used in smoothies.
Pears--Willeat certain ones over other types of pears.
Seckel Pears-Only seasonal and usually ate once or twice.
Papaya--Two kinds and are good for sugar gliders--Mine will eat if totally ripe and the Maradol has to be yellow all over. I also use in every smoothie we make.
Pineapple--Has to be very sweet.
Plums--Don’t like very much but we keep trying on occasion.
Persimmons--Two types-One type has to almost be totally mushy before they are ripe and then babies will eat them.
Rasberries--Feed and also use in smoothie as a berry fruit.
Star fruit--Has to be very ripe and won’t sweeten after picked like pineapple.
Strawberries--Do not like.
Ugly fruit--Do like a couple times as it is seasonal also.
Watermelon--Use in smoothie and feed fresh, sometimes they like it if it is a sweet melon.
Raisins-Treats, rarely.
Che Chew nuts from Australia--Rarely and hard to get.

Other foods:
Almonds as treat snacks
Honey Wheat Bread--As treat once every week or two, unless I have babies on me when eating a sandwich then they get a little bite. Only a ¼ by ¼ in OR less piece.
Lowfat yogurt 2-3 times a week.


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